Latin Percussion


by Paolo Marini

Workshop to discover and know more about latin percussions.
Going through various rhythms and kind of musical instruments in the “family” of Latin Percussions.

The teaching method is really practical, so it could be easy for people in every age to learn the instruments in the best way possible.
Cuban Instruments
– Clave
– Guiro
– Bell
– Kinto
– Congas
– Tumbadora
– Timbales
– Chekerè
– Bongo
– Batabombo
– Cabasa Maracas
– Cecerro
– Tambora Bata’Drum

Brasilian Instruments
– Sheker
– Agogo
– Surdocuica
– Tamburin
– Pandeiro
– Caixa
– Caxixi
– Berimbau
– Repinique
– Udu Triangle (Potes)
– Apito
Lessons are opened to single persons and groups of persons, both for beginners and experts.