Hello dear,
The first thing we want to do is to thank you for visiting this website.
The idea of the Campus-Festival dedicated to Popoular Dance and Folk Music rapresents one of the essential goals that the Art-musique Cultural Association means to pursue with other Popoular Music schools and artists working in this sector.

We think it is urgent to keep working with this kind of Popoular Arts and Music which are inevitable values that everyday remind us how important friendship, creativity, integration, hospitality and tollerance are.

The expression of people and cultures, in fact, if combinated with the potentiality of the territory, can help the cultural and economic developing of the community.
From this awareness, the will of developing the project creating collaborations with other ones, working hard to offer to foreign visitors the best hospitality and services.
The project is realized in Castiglion del Lago, a fraction of the city of Perugia situated on a calcareus hill. From that hill you can admire the beauty of Trasimeno Lake and the whole valley.

The choice of the location wants to allow the participant to feel totally confortable being part of the project: opening yourself to new horizons, to new experiences which is integral and irreplacable part of personal fulfillment.
This is the reason why every evening spent into the project will be dedicated to the party-meeting with new experiences with friendship and solidarity.
The Campus wants to propose lessons of musical intstruments and popoular dances as moments of learning and socialization.

Here is a list of the different lessons:


Everyone could attend our lessons: kids and adults.
To help the partecipation of kids we will organize some fun animation moments.
Of course if you will attend the lessons, you will get to know better the territory of Castiglion del Lago, history, natural resources, local handicrafts and gastronomic traditions.
Our first appointment will be on 8 of September 2017, from 8:00 to 9:15 am in Castiglion del Lago (PG), at University of Demoetanoantropologic Heritage (Università dei Beni Demoetnoantropologici) – Via Asilo Reattelli n.7.
In that occasion you will receive all the necessary for the partecipation and informations about the place.
Lessons will start at 9:30 am.
We hope we will meet you and enjoy our lessons together, we are waiting for you.

Castiglionfolk Team

With the patronage of Region Umbria